Southern California Radar-Laser Certification Laboratory

We Certify Your Radars, LIDARs, and Lasers according to the procedures specified by the FCC, the NHTSA and the Manufacturers. We donít stop there, we further test for UHF, 700MHz, 800 MHz public safety bands, 1.9GHz-2.4GHz Cell/Bluetooth/Peripheral bands, All TelCo/Public safety/Cell Microwave bands. These are increasingly being scrutinized in court. Our equipment is Calibrated yearly. (NIST-9 Traceable) The resulting Certification is valid for the time period allowed by your jurisdiction and will withstand the tightest scrutiny.


William has also been an expert witness for Radar/Laser Certification.






















We offer pickup and delivery in our service area for quantity orders.

We have a Mobile Lab that comes to you in our service area.


To Use our service, either call 619-922-3504 to schedule a day or email:


We can get to you quickly and reduce your downtime to a minimum.


We do offer send in service, and will have the unit overnighted back to you. If we are certifying a unit only, it will go out the same day it is received. Please call prior to sending a unit.