Southern California Radar-Laser Certification Laboratory

Serving Law Enforcement Since 1995

Serving the Western United States, please email or call for information on Mobile service to other areas.

We have FCC Licensed Technicians ONLY! Factory Trained and Authorized Service. On the spot repairs for Kustom and LTI Products.

Mobile Service now Available

Donít waste your time and money packing your units and sending them away, only to wait weeks for their return.

All equipment used to recertify LIDAR and Radar is fully transportable and meets all applicable standards.

We offer Testing, Calibration and Recertification of most makes and models of Speed Radar, Lidar and Lasers in use today.

Please Note:

All of our recertifications use NHTSA / IACP standards as a minimum. There are many tests we perform that help the Certification stand up in court. The NHTSA standards were written prior to new forms of communications equipment being put into use and can be argued (sometimes) successfully in court that these emissions (7-800MHz Trunking, 2.4 GHz/900MHz public service Cell/Bluetooth, etc.) could cause interference with a Radar. Our Certifications also use the manufacturerís test procedures, RF & Microwave Industry Standard tests throughout the Spectrums that could cause interference to ensure these defenses donít fly even in the most hostile courts.

If your Recerts do not include these tests, it could mean a dismissal.



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